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Apr 23, 2008

Army Retirees Warned to Watch Out for Their Wives

This comes from the Uganda's The New Vision,

Retirees Urged to Watch Out for Detoothers

The UPDF 3rd Division commander, Brig. Patrick Kankiriho, has advised retiring soldiers to watch out for spouses who love lavish lifestyles.

“If your spouse is a spendthrift and is not willing to adjust, abandon her, as she is bound to lead you into misery.”

He made the remarks on Friday during a function at Rubongi Barracks in Tororo district where 57 UPDF soldiers retired. He told the retirees that they had left the army with a modest financial package which they should invest wisely.

“Irresponsible spouses are planning how best they can get a fair share of the money you have worked for before eloping away with other men.”

He added that such women prefer staying in the cities. “She will insist that you rent an apartment in town then she will lure you into spending money on luxuries till it is finished.”

Kankiriho also cautioned the soldiers against over drinking. “If you do that, you will never regret why you retired from the force,” he added.

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