What do you fear about retirement?

Feb 10, 2010

Canadian Retirement More Pleasant Than American Retirement

A survey by TD Bank indicates the reality of retirement living in Canada is a lot closer to what people had imagined than it is in the United States.

Almost 70 percent of Canadian retirees versus less than 50 percent of Americans say their retirement life is exactly or close to what they thought it would be.

What's more, thirty-eight per cent of Americans said they definitely hadn't saved enough for retirement, and 28 per cent said they might need to find a retirement job to supplement their income. For Canadians, those numbers were 21 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively.

As well, twice as many Americans as Canadians are worried that they might run out of money — 25 per cent versus 12 per cent.

Here are a few Retirement Quotes to help you enjoy retirement life:

    Retirement is wonderful. It's doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it.
    — Gene Perret

    In retirement, every day is Boss Day and every day is Employee Appreciation Day.
    — Unknown wise person

    Retirement Poem About Travel
    The fabric of my faithful love
    No power shall dim or ravel
    Whilst I stay here — but oh, my dear,
    If I should ever travel!

    As I get on in years, I also realize that I want wisdom, not knowledge; that I value being right with people more than simply being right; that I want to fight the battles that to me really matter. Growing older also means reaching out, doing things for people who’re in settings less fortunate than those I’m in.
    — Singapore Retiree CHUA CHONG JIN

    Viva la retirement, grab it by the horns and go for it.
    — Cheryl Marland
Here are a few resources for your retirement plan:

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