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Nov 23, 2011

Writing a Book in Retirement

Perhaps you will want to write a book when you retire or even while you are working to use as a means for saving for retirement.

Incidentally, 81 percent of Americans and even a larger percentage of Britons want to write a book.

If you have always wanted to write a book but haven't, what's your excuse?

Whatever your excuse, keep these excerpts from one of my new books in mind:

    "Any excuse, even a lousy one, is good enough if you don't want to do something,
    regardless of how important it is for your happiness and prosperity."
    — from Life's Secret Handbook

    "Every excuse that you make is just another way for you to choose mediocrity instead of excellence, failure instead of success, discontent instead of satisfaction, and just getting by financially instead of experiencing true prosperity."
    Life's Secret Handbook

    "When you finally do whatever has to be done to attain true prosperity, it's just like magic! You no longer find yourself repeating annoying excuses to your friends about why you are in debt and not prosperous enough to pay your bills."
    Life's Secret Handbook

Even if you are illiterate, this is still just an excuse and not a good reason for not having written a book.

To make my point, read this story at the below about how Jim Henry at 91 was illiterate. Then he learned how to read and write. Seven years later — at the age of 98 — he wrote a book!

98 Old Retiree Writes a Book

So what's your excuse again?

I hope your answer is "None!"

If your answer is none, at least you have some hope of writing a book such as my How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free that may not only give you great satisfaction from having written, but also that earns you some additional retirement income for many years to come.

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