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May 31, 2012

Retirement Jobs — Working Smart and Sleeping Smart Too

If you would like to make money in retirement (or semi-retirement), I would suggest that you develop some intellectual property so that you make money while you sleep. That way you won't have to get yourself a boring retirement job.

The other day I talked to my friend Dan in Vancouver late at night and then went to sleep. When I woke up in the late morning, there was an offer from a Japanese publisher for a $2,000 advance to publish The Joy of Not Working, (even though this book has been published in Japanese on two previous occassions).

This was the third time this year that I made money unexpectedly just by going to sleep. In January I went to sleep and awoke to an offer of an advance of $1,500 from a Russian publisher to publish a book of mine (The Joy of Not Being Married: The Essential Guide for Singles and Those Who Wish They Were) that I wrote and self-published in 1995 and went out of print in 1998. The Russian publisher hadn't even seen the book and I had to end up sending the manuscript in electronic form because I had no print copies left from the 10,000 copies I printed and sold.

In April, I went to sleep one night and awoke to an offer of a respectable advance from a publisher in Vietnam to publish my 101 Really Important Things You Already Know, But Keep Forgetting in Vietnamese.

When I called Dan to let him know about the latest offer, he proclaimed, "Ernie, you should sleep more." Not really, since I make a good income from my books, partly when I am sleeping, giving me an income that is higher than 95 percent of Canadians.

I just wanted to point out with these book offers the power of intellectual property for generating prosperity and freedom in one's life.

Just a note that this isn't about laziness.

It isn't about working hard either.

This is about working smart — and sleeping smart too!

If intelllectuall property doesn't work for you in retirement, you need one of many other unreal jobs for retirement. Check out these out these retirement job websites so that you can avoid working in retirement.

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