What do you fear about retirement?

Nov 18, 2008

Being Happy in Retirement Can Take Time for Some Retirees

Retirement can be an exciting period, but in a less positive vein, it can also be a very difficult time in people's lives before any degree of happiness is achieved. As retirement seminar leader George Fulmore says, for some people, the adjustment to retirement takes time.

This is confirmed by the Later Life Families Study, particularly for men. The study found that males who have been retired six years or more are more likely to say that retirement is easy for them (79 percent) than those in the first five years of retirement (61 percent). Incidentally, almost 75 percent of women in this study said retirement is easy for them, regardless of how many years they had been retired.

The key to a happy retirement lies in the abillity to experience success and accomplishment from satisfying interests, fulfilling relationships, and interesting leisure activities. All of these are covered in The World's Best Retirement Book.

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