What do you fear about retirement?

Sep 8, 2009

A Reader Recommends How to Retire Happy to Her Clients

This is the latest e-mail that I received about my book How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free, which is the best retirement gift that you can give yourself aside from great health in retirement.

    From: Teena Dawson
    How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free
    To: success101coach (at) yahoo.com
    Received: Monday, September 7, 2009, 7:27 PM

    Hi Ernie,

    I just finished "How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free" and thought I'd write to say how much I enjoyed it. In fact, I blogged about it:


    I've been in the group retirement industry in education and communication for over 20 years (I'm an Education Advisor). Most books cover the financial aspects of retirement. It was nice to read your book because it didn't go there at all. Thanks for that! I'll definitely be recommending it to my clients.


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