What do you fear about retirement?

Dec 27, 2009

Retirement Expectations from a Retiree

I received the following e-mail the other day:

    Dear Ernie,

    I just finished How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free. Starting with high expectations given the title, which is usually a setup for disappointment, it ended up being my favorite read of 2009. You managed to fit an incredible amount of fantastic content covering so
    many considerations I hadn't thought of or just started to experience.

    After retiring, my wife and I were starting to encounter some of the issues addressed including not knowing what to do about being around each other all the time. We were doing quite well sorting them out one at a time. With the help of your book we now know what to look out for.

    I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for the work that you put into writing How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free. I look forward to reading all of your books soon.

    Wishing a very happy holidays to you and yours,

Some Retirement Quotes

    The joy of retirement is one of rediscovery — new found time, new found freedom, a new routine, and renewed appreciation of what life is really about.
    — A. Major

    As far as I am concerned, people who can't find ways to amuse themselves other than going to work are to be pittied.
    — Unknown wise person

    Early retirement is the time to pursue the dream and passion you've left in the corner while you survived the kids, marriage/divorce or going through the motions of gaining material things.
    — Mona Gallagher
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