What do you fear about retirement?

Jan 29, 2012

New Retirement Quotes

This is my website that features retirement quotes, some of which will appear in my new ebook The 777 Best Things Ever Said about Retirement:
Here are some new retirement quotes just for this blog post:
    "My retirement plan is to join the folks with the torches and pitchforks rioting and storming the Bastille."
    — Jim Jim (ordaj), commenter on a Retirement Article

    "Elevating your wants to your need list is another way to trick yourself into being
    broke in retirement."
    — from How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free (The World's Best Retirement Book)

    "The least we can do is make a suicide pill so those of us with nothing left to live on [in retirement] can take the dignified way out."
    - Jennifer Adams (jedadams)

    "You Say You Want to Work Past ‘Retirement’? How's Your Health?"
    — Joseph F Coughlin

    "Like life, retirement can be full of surprises. Take when you retire, for example."
    — Talbot Boggs

    "The top retirement planning strategy today is not to retire. "
    — Joseph F Coughlin

    "Result for many Americans When TheyPunch in Their Data into a Retirement Calculator:
    " 'According to your latest data if you retire today, you can live reasonably well until 5 p.m. tomorrow.' "
    — Dave Erhard

    "A happy retirement doesn't require oodles of money, nor should it mean fighting the cat for food."
    — Shelley Fralic, Vancouver Sun

    "The greatest stock market you can invest in is yourself. Finding this truth is better than finding a gold mine."
    — Byron Katie

    "Planning to never retire is not a true retirement plan. It, in fact, is a sign of delusion — and of denial about one's inability to save enough for one's retirement."
    — Dave Erhard

    "I semi-retired when I was a kid and became very good at it. That's why I now get paid the big bucks for getting up late in the morning and then experiencing true freedom for the rest of the day. I am still a kid, by the way, because my first priority is to go for a intense, but pleasurable bike ride before work ever enters my mind."
    — from The Joy of Not Working

    "I'm already worn out now — how do they expect us to work several years longer? My body hurts so much and I start working every day at five in the morning."
    — Norbert Schmittbauer, a 50-year-old construction worker in Berlin, in response to
    Germany's proposal to have workers retire at 70 instead of 65
Here are three more of my websites with quotes about retirement:

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