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Mar 3, 2008

Best Places to Retire - What to Look For!

What to Look for When Choosing The Best Places to Retire in the World

According to International Living, "Once you allow yourself to look beyond U.S. shores for a place to retire, the choices get downright exciting. Mexico, sure. But how about Panama? Or France? Or Romania? The right spot can allow you to live the life you'd only dreamed of: crashing surf, mountain air, bustling cities. You can comb beaches to your heart's content, or you can find a place to learn. You can relax, or you can find new opportunities."

If you are thinking of relocating to one of the best places to retire in the world, but don't know where, the question that arises is, "Where to Retire? What makes a good place to retire?" You must examine your priorities: What type of climate do you want to live in? What activities do you like, and are they available in your list of possible cities or countries to relocate to? Do you care more about a low cost of living or health care? What about safety?

The following checklist for the best places to retire in the world may provide some help.

10 of the Top-22 Things to Look For When Choosing Where to Retire:

* The climate is exactly what you are looking for.
* The people are friendly - warm smiles and hometown hospitality have never gone out of style.
* Whether it's the hills, rocky outcrops, thick forests, breathtaking mountains, pristine lakes, or raging rivers, the beautiful scenery beckons you to reside there.
* Regardless of whether you intend to rent or buy, the housing is affordable.
* There are a variety of housing options to suit your needs - from a stately house to a smart new apartment, a townhouse, or a gracious bungalow with the right-sized garden to look after.
* Many cultural amenities - such as museums, theaters, and concerts - are available either locally or in a nearby city.
* Just out your back door - either a short drive or a healthy walk from your home - you can participate in outdoor activities such as skiing, tennis, golf, fly-fishing, and hiking.
* You can depend on excellent transportation facilities, including a modern transit system.* Neighborhoods are peaceful and the crime rate is low.
* A variety of clubs and non-profit organizations welcome your participation and talents. You can eventually be part of a community of friends with similar interests.

Note: For the last 12 items on this list of The Top 22 Things to Look For and Enjoy in the Best Places to Retire that will help you choose where to retire, see Chapter 8: Relocate to Where Retirement Living Is Best in the bestselling retirement book on Amazon.com called How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free.

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