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Jun 1, 2008

100 Places Where to Retire

These Are the Criteria Used for Choosing The 15 Best Places to Reinvent Your Life by AARP Magazine

  • Availability of jobs, since many in this group will work beyond age 65.
  • Affordable housing-many cities have costs on par with or below the national median price of $161,600.
  • Culture and entertainment (from museums and opera to shopping and sports events).
  • Access to outdoor recreation, from skiing and biking to walking and hiking.
  • Safety-personal and property safety, and a generally secure feeling.
  • Colleges or universities (for continuing education and a multigenerational vibe).
  • Sense of community (often places with a vital and walkable downtown).
  • Proximity to comprehensive, well-regarded health care facilities.
  • Good public high schools, since many boomers still have teens at home.
  • Ease of getting around (public transportation, traffic, access to an airport).

Sources for lists of the 100 best retirement towns

You can also consult one of the many widely available "Top 100 places" or "Best 10 places to retire" lists on the Internet.

NOTE: All "Best Places to Retire Books" are available at either your local bookstore or Amazon.

Retirement Quotes - Where to Retire

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