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Jun 19, 2008

A Review of The World's Best Retirement Book

This is a review or The World's Best Retirement Book from The Delhi Organiser published June 19, 2008:

A Place to Retire

Sooner or later the
retirement day would have come and gone. If you are in a corporate house or a public sector undertaking, a generous company pension and investments will provide the opportunity to pursue many time-consuming (not time-killing) activities. But here the crux of the matter, after the novelty of the retirement wears off in a month or two, is that time tends to stand still and you feel you have nowhere particular to go, no regular coffee breaks, no colleagues to gossip with and exchange notes, no challenges to give your life a shape and purpose. Eventually you may be forced to ask yourself, “What next? Do I wait for death to overtake me or do I try to kill time by imposing myself on others?”

It is here that
How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free by Ernie J. Zelinski provides some interesting reading material which can help to boost the retired person’s morale and make life both exciting and demanding, bringing new challenges, new experiences and new uncertainties.

Retirement normally turns out far different from what one envisions. For some it is a big disappointment; for others it is an annoyance and for still others, an opportunity to attend to activities never done before. As someone has said, "Retirement is the time when you do all the things you intended to do when you’d have the time."

This book gives
retirement wisdom that no financial advisor can give. Not just having a big balance contributes to happiness in old age for today’s retirees, but also physical well-being, mental well-being and solid social support play a bigger role than financial status for most retirees. Planning is important, says the author, well before retirement. You must take steps to ensure that when the bell rings to announce your retirement, you are ready to do what is in front of you. The time available for marital, personal, social, creative and family activities expands "when the hours previously taken up with full-time employment cease. How you manage time is just as important as when you are in the workforce."

This book suggests that to retire happy, wild and free, you must stay active, have goals and dreams. Retirement can be a time for life's best moments, provided you plan in advance. The author says that as a matter or course, retirement is the last opportunity for you to reinvent yourself, let go of the past and find peace and happiness within. Strange as it may sound, despite the adverse publicity that retirement sometime gets, in Western nations, one in every eight persons is aged 65 or older. More people there are retiring much earlier than 65 despite far better
health in retirement, a higher level of education, more income and many more options for maintaining an active and productive lifestyle than those who retired before them.

Some of the major suggestions made by the author are:

  • Retirement sets you free. George Eliot had said, "It’s never too late to be what you might have been."

  • To have no aptitude for leisure is to have no aptitude for life.

  • Create a new identity because the old one won’t do.

  • Finding and preparing your true calling can make retirement the best time of your life.

  • Work at something which is "a fun thing to do" and not so much a job.

  • Reclaim your creative spirit as it will impart a joyful purpose to life.

  • "Plant your 'get-a-life' tree and watch it grow." This can be done by going mountain climbing, taking up golf, cricket or tennis, teaching English or Hindi as a second language, phoning old friends, walking barefoot in streams, joining a club or a library, giving on a cruise, learning to cook, playing a musical instrument, writing a novel or painting a picture, retirement traveling to old haunts, joining a laughter or yoga club, etc.

Retirement is thus an opportune time to get to know yourself better — psychologically, materially and spiritually, be it in a part-time career, family relationships, spiritual fulfilment, passionate pursuits or the opportunity to hang out at bookshops or restaurants. You must find time for things that matter most to you.

The Book for Individuals Who Absolutely, Positively Want to Have a Happy and Meaningful Retirement by
Vipbooks Author Ernie Zelinski

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