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Aug 9, 2008

Retirement Living Requires Experiencing The Joy of Not Working

I received this letter about The Joy of Not Working from Wayne M. (he did not give his last name like most letter writers) of Williamsport, PA, in August 2008.

    Dear Ernie:

    I just finished reading the revised edition of
    The Joy of Not Working and it has really helped me to "slow down" and appreciate the simpler things in life.

    The Get-a-Life Tree has also helped me out a lot because I now always have ideas of what to do with all of my spare time. I have been unemployed for awhile. I used to get bored and depressed because that's the way that society wants unemployed people to be, but I now have a renewed purpose — to enjoy life!

    I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful book before I return it to the library. Maybe sometime I will buy
    The Joy of Not Working so I can have it handy all the time.

    Thanks again for being there for all of us.


    Wayne M.

Cover of The Joy of Not Working

The Joy of Not Working is all about learning to live every part of your life - employment, unemployment, retirement, and leisure time alike - to the fullest. You too can join the thousands of converts and learn to thrive at both work and play. Illustrated by eye-opening exercises, thought-provoking diagrams, and lively cartoons and quotations, The Joy of Not Working will guide you to enjoy life like never before.

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