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Jan 26, 2011

Don't Gamble on Your Retirement Wishing for a Lottery Win

Get real!

A recent study reported in Vancouver Sun in an article called Don't Gamble on Your Retirement found that one-third of Canadian female Baby Boomers are hoping for a lottery win to fund their retirement.

Now I could be wrong, but my guess is most of them don't even buy lottery tickets.

In the same vein, I could say that my retirement plan is to run away from it all, just like I tried to do when I was a kid, to no avail.

Both retirement plans, of course, have little chance of success.

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Here are some money quotes, retirement quotes, and gambling quotes to put the topic in proper perspective:

    [S]he that lives upon hope will die fasting.
    — Benjamin Franklin, The Way to Wealth

    Most women would rather be out of money than out of fashion.
    — Unknown wise person

    Money can't buy happiness but it can buy marshmellows, which are kinda the same thing.
    — Unknown wise person

    People who are foolish with money are foolish in many other ways too.
    — Unknown wise person

    Getting money is like digging with a needle. Spending it is like water soaking into the sand.
    — Japanese proverb

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