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Jan 9, 2011

Men Have Hard Time in Retirement - But Shouldn't

Apparently men in Israel have a hard time in retirement and most don't find much satisfaction from retirement living. Their retirement activities are not satisfying and their retirement is far from happy. Perhaps this is the new retirement that everyone has been talking about.

In November 2010, Sigal Naim, an Israeli researcher at the University of Haifa, found that workers in Israel who took early retirement still define themselves by their career even five years after retirement.

The retirees surveyed were men who claimed they would not have retired without workplace pressure to do so.

Five years after retirement, most retired men in Israel still had an identity based on what they did in their careers, whereas their complete family life could be stated in one or two sentences. (a little despressing, wouldn't you say?).

None of these retired men considered themselves too old to work and they all felt they still had a long and productive life ahead.

Naim's study found that the retirees viewed retirement age as an artificial "finishing line" primarily intended to satisfy workplace organizations and insurance companies' actuarial tables.

Most of the Israel retirees claimed that they retired early so that their pension rights would not be harmed. In other words, these retirees would not have retired without pressure from their workplace to do so.

The main retirement sentiment expressed by almost all of the participants was of profound disappointment in the workplace, the study found.

Researcher Naim also surmised that even retirees who claimed to have found satisfaction in retirement were doing so to cover up their disappointment and insult of being retired. "This is in fact a sort of mask for themselves," claimed Naim, "that helps them to build a new reality that they can live with".

Personally, I have a hard time believing this given that I know many people who are happy to be retired.

If these Israel men had read How to Retire Happpy, Wild, and Free and followed the Retirement Wisdom That You Won'd Get from Your Financial Advisor, they would have a happy and productive retirement.

Here are are few retirement quotes and money quotes to put retirement issues in perspective.

    Early to Bed
    Sleep in late
    Collect your pension
    Ain't life great!
    - Unknown wise retired person

    Life is mostly froth and bubble.
    Two things stand like stone:
    Dodging duty at the double,
    Retiring and leaving work alone.
    — Unknown Happy Retiree

    Retirement Life is:
    Having some important purpose to pursue;
    Someone to love;
    Something to appreciate today;
    Something to look forward to tomorrow.
    This brings much happiness.
    What more do you want?
    - from How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

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