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Jan 1, 2011

Top-10 New Years Resolutions

Ever wonder why weight-loss/fitness products (books, ebooks, seminars, etc.) as well as money-advice products sell so well on the Internet?

The followiing New Years Resolutions list is the result of Gary Ryan Blair's (The Goals Guy) research, which consisted of over 300,000 responses worldwide.


    1. Lose Weight and Get in Better Physical Shape

    2. Stick to a Budget

    3. Debt Management and Reduction

    4. Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends

    5. Find My Soul Mate

    6. Quit Smoking

    7. Find a Better Job

    8. Learn Something New

    9. Volunteer and Help Others

    10. Get Organized (along with better time management)

See the list with the descriptions at The Goals Guy - Top-10 Resolutions:

Another interesting list is the top-100 goals people have on 43things.com:

From looking at the two lists, I have come up with 15 new ideas for great books that offer a lot of opportunity to help people and make some money at the same time.

Here is an inspirational quote to help you achieve your goals and New Year's Resolutions.

    Never be discouraged because others are more privileged or talented than you.
    You can always make up with creativity and effort what you lack in talent and good fortune.
    Playing the game of life is like playing poker.
    Playing three aces badly won’t get you as far as playing a terrible hand well.
    — from Life's Secret Handbook by yours truly

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