What do you fear about retirement?

Dec 6, 2007

Retirement Planning for Japanese Housewives Made Just a Little Easier

The last year or two heralded the start of an era that Japanese housewives were dreading due to the lack of variety in the retirement plans of Japanese men according to the Australian. "The first wave of post-war baby boomers turns 60 next year and a huge generation of salarymen will be retiring. Women who have grown used to serenity of days without their noisy, smoking, hobby-obsessed husbands are now desperate for ways to maintain tranquility."

So Yamaha designed a wooden box that will help Japanese housewives with their retirement plans insofar as how to deal with their husbands when the husbands retire. No doubt retirement planning is important for housewives who don’t want their husbands in their hair all the time. The box can sit in a corner of the average-sized lounge and contain a husband or relative. MyRoom is 27 square feet, completely soundproofed, and can hold a desk, audio system or hobbyist workbench.

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