What do you fear about retirement?

Dec 7, 2007

Retirement Planning Tip - Rethink Your Retirement Plan for a Slower Life on the Coast

New retirement research released not so long ago from Queensland's Griffith University in Australia suggests that a move to the coast may not help retirees realize their dreams or retirement plan. Research team leader Michael Davies says city dwellers, adjusting to life after work, can find it difficult to relocate to a quieter place on the coast.

Dr Davies claims that people do not understand the shock that can come from leaving a busy work schedule and a network of friends to move to the beach. "Generally when you're looking at a transition like retirement you need to think a bit about what that change will mean for you," Dr Davies said.

"I guess for those who don't think long and hard about how they want to retire to maximise their opportunities and to maximise their lifestyle and well being, then I think there can be some problems."

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